Congress in Your Pocket for Android offers the major features in the iPhone version optimized for Android devices. Use the directory that dozens of members of Congress and their staff rely on daily. This pro application is $29.99, the same as on iOS. You can download it at Google Play.

The following screenshots give you examples of what the application looks like on an Android device (below is a Droid X). Click on the photos below to see larger screenshots. All of the screenshots available for Android are available here.


Icons Splash screen

Choose the icon from your Android home screen and you are ready to get the latest information on Congress.

House by Name Senate by Name

Select the member of the House or Senate you want to view from a list or go directly to there with a search.

Search for Reed Reed

You can use the links to call the office or click on a link to a website, or social media page. Staffers can be contacted (Reed is new so he's staffing up at this point) directly via email and there is legislative information, committee assignments, and campaign resources.

Committee Search Committee

Check out who is on that extremely important oversight subcommittee to make sure you can schedule a meeting with the chairman.